Alternative Treatment For Whiplash

Whiplash is a common injury around the world, and there are many “alternative” treatments for it. Some of these treatments are more effective than others, although you should always only go to accredited practitioners who are recommended by a trained health professional or doctor. There are some alternative medicine practitioners who are not fully accredited and hence may not be properly qualified to deal with your injury. Here are some of the alternative treatments for whiplash.

Chiropractor – Treatment for whiplash injury Chiropractors may have knowledge in how to ease pain in back through a type of massage. Always make sure your chiropractor has all the correct qualifications and is recommended by your GP before booking an appointment.

Physiotherapist – Physiotherapists may be able to encourage quicker healing of the injured muscles through massage and other forms of therapy. Again, always make sure they are properly accredited and qualified to deal with your injury.

Osteopath – Osteopaths are an alternative therapy specialising in treating back and neck pain. Only ever visit an osteopath if they are accredited by the General Osteopathic Council. If they are not accredited the may not be trained in the treatment you require for your injury.

While you do not need a GP’s recommendation to visit any alternative treatment for whiplash, it is always a good idea to ask your doctors opinion before paying for alternative treatment. The quality of alternative treatment is known to vary greatly, so to make sure you are getting proper care a GP’s recommendation is the best way to go.

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