Your Financial Life for 2013

More of the same equals more of the same. You want a different financial life for 2013? Shake it up a bit.

Shake that booty. Stir the pot. Seriously, let’s get this pahtay started right now, Pirate’s Booty style. Check that. Gangnam style.

Different actions could yield different results… Think how much better you could feel if you actually had a financial plan for your life…

Here’s my list of actions to shake ya booty for a different financial life:

1. Systems for saving. Yes automation, every month. Money going from your business account to your personal account automatically. More saving = more money potentially for your financial life down the road.

2. Your pricing in your business. When was the last time you raised prices? 1982? I had a Members Only jacket back then. Are you charging what you are really worth? What are your costs? Are you covering your costs? Are you even still reading this? Shake it up a bit and… shocker… raise your prices so they can cover your costs.

3. Getcha significant other involved in your personal finances and on the dance floor. The dance floor of money. Use a 3rd party professional like a coach, CPA, or financial planner to facilitate this.

4. Your biz – make your craft a work of art. Yep. Make your service or product even better. Invest back into your business and upgrade your client deliverable. Stir up your business financial life and pick a % that you will spend on this… a % of your expected business revenue for 2013.

5. Stop doing all the booty shaking yourself. You need more free time to live. Get a personal assistant – to do some booty shaking. Send them to the grocery store and the dry cleaners. That will give you more free time to think and strategize and stir the pot in your business. Or more time to just take a walk and decompress.

6. Create a 2013 vacation budget right now. Let’s say you are going to take a big trip next December, and it will cost 6 gees. Expand your financial life and save $500 a month to fund this. Get psyched to travel and see the world. Today! Not in 20 years when you retire.

Think different. What would it mean to you if you did some of this stuff? It would be a different financial life and you could be on cloud nine, shakin’ your booty.

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