How to Give a Chest and Neck Massage to a Man Using the Circular Movements Technique

There are two ways that Circular Movements are used in massage treatments. One is a very broad gesture that is a great way to handle larger areas such as the back, and the other is a more intense and targeted approach that applies pressure with the thumbs as the hands are moved in a circular pattern or path.

It is this second type of Circular Movement that is used to give a man a very relaxing chest and neck massage.

When using the technique, the receiver should be positioned comfortably on their back with their arms extended straight out at their sides. Having some leverage in order to use body weight can be helpful to the provider, but it is not at all mandatory.

Because it is not going to serve as the opening portion of the massage there is no need for an additional application of oil before the process begins, though oil must be used for any chest or neck massage treatments. This means that applying oil and performing a gentle and yet stimulating Effleurage will be the first step in this massage.

Next, the provider will position their hands in the center of the chest above the bottom-most part of the sternum. They will then move both of their hands outwards to one pectoral region and follow a clockwise path of motion around a small area of the muscle.

It is best to work outward from the center and never go above the clavicle. The same process is repeated with other side of the chest, and then the hands will slide up to the neck. The receiver should turn their head to one side as provider uses both hands to make very gentle Circular Movements on the entire surface of the neck.

This is repeated on the other side before the hands are returned to the center of the chest.

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