How to Find Wine Bargains During the Global Financial Crisis

Things are tough out there, there is no denying it! Businesses are doing it hard and we are all revisiting our budgets. So how do we save money and still enjoy a drink with dinner or entertain our friends? It’s true, times are tough, but with some imagination and a willingness to broaden your tastes and range, there are some wonderful wines out there waiting to be discovered and they won’t break the bank.

Be willing to try something new. Cleanskins (wine without a label) can imply that it’s a wine not worth a label. But hidden behind those black and white house labels of bin this and bin that is an abundance of excellent wine which has not moved because of over stock, discontinued production or export sales drop. Not because the wine is no good.

Get together with a couple of mates and order a mixed dozen, sit down over a couple of pizzas and crackers and cheese and try them for yourself. Look for specials where you buy one, get one free and split the difference with your mate. Read the reviews! I taste all our wine on our site while having dinner at home. My wife will often say, as my face screws up and I utter Jeez, Wow, “wasn’t that one any good?” And I’ll reply “It was bloody beautiful! And the supplier is almost handing it to me.” So when I say I can’t believe they can do it for the price, give it a go and you might also be blown away.

Try a magnum. If you are having a few guests over and don’t fancy buying a dozen, there are some great wines available in a magnum size. You can serve it from the bottle or decant it. Magnums can be great value at very reasonable prices. Take advantage of special offers. They can work out to saving off up to 50%. So you don’t know the wine or haven’t tried the style. Let your hair down and try something new. If it isn’t quite your style, you can take it to your friends for dinner and they might love it.

Don’t get too caught up in the idea that wine needs to be expensive to be good. It doesn’t! There are many bargains to be had and the wine glut isn’t over yet. People ask me what is a good wine? It’s quite simply a wine you enjoy and can afford to sit and relax with friends or a meal that suits your lifestyle and budget. Just because it has a high price tag or is from a well known winery does not guarantee it is the right wine for your taste. So experiment and look for a bargain, and we’ll get through these tough time together!

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