Do You Know Tilly and the Wall?

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, Tilly and the Wall is an all female pop group with spunk. The band is most notably renowned for not having a drummer, but instead, a tap dancer named Jamie Pressnall. You might also recognize their name from the children’s book entitled Tillie and the Wall written by Leo Lionni.

Having formed through some rather loose associations and timely previous band breakups, Tilly and the Wall seemed destined to follow the fates of all the previous band members’ bands and break apart, but in September 2005, Tilly and the Wall got their big break. They released “You And I Misbehaving” under an indie U.K. label called Trash Aesthetics, which BBC Radio broadcaster Steve Lamacq seemed to have particularly enjoyed.

Bottoms of Barrels, the indie band’s next album brought the group further acclaim, when it earned them a spot on the Late Show With David Letterman in October of 2006. They were set to perform “Bad Education”, but didn’t get to play the entire song due to “time constraints”.

Tilly and the Wall’s newest album technically has no title, but their label, Team Love Records has given it the title o due to the design of the cover. o is a new step for Tilly and the Wall, as they seek to redefine their sound, draw upon more influences, and speak to a wider audience.

Apart from the regular releases of albums, Tilly and the Wall have also released a package of four remixes, which go along with the mood of their newest album, and redefine their sound even more. With changed vocal styles (using voice changers), implementing actual percussion instead of the traditional tap dancing they use, as well as infusing other more techno, and mainstream ideas into their music. The remixes surely are a new take on this indeo band from the middle of America.

The full band roster is as follows: Jamie Pressnall — tap dancer; Derek Pressnall — vocals, guitar; Neely Jenkins — vocals, shakers, bells, bass; Nick White – keyboard; Kianna Alarid — vocals, shakers, tambourine, recorder, bass. Jamie and Derek were actually married very shortly after the band released Bottoms of Barrels, on August 12, 2006.

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