Lost Your Fitness Mojo? Make Your Exercise Program More FEAS-Ible to Get It Back!

Mojo- “A magic charm, talisman or spell- more often used today to describe a magic spirit that makes you successful and full of energy”

Feasible- “Capable of being achieved or put into action”

If you have lost your way with your exercise program you’ll like to know that there is a sweet-spot, some might even call it the G-spot (because it can be elusive but very satisfactory once found!) that will give you the most sustainable results and will allow you to get your mojo back.


For longer than I’d like to admit I lost my way with my own exercise program, which started while I was doing my physio degree and exercise took a back seat to study, running a business and training clients. I always blamed a lack of time and other priorities but I recently realised the truth- that I’d lost my exercise mojo!

You see, when I got into the fitness business I loved exercise– I played football and always worked the hardest in matches and training (my coach used to say I’d run through a brick wall for the team), I’d go running and lift some weights.

I even took a gym ball on my 1st lads holiday to Ayia Napa and did deadlifts and Bent Over Rows with the bed!

At that time exercise wasn’t about results, it was just something I liked doing and I was in good shape and fit as a consequence.

And then I trained with some of the World leaders in weight loss and muscle building and discovered more effective techniques that (even though that wasn’t necessarily my goal) I started following more and more- fitness and nutrition became more and more about doing everything to look better and I stopped having fun! This is where I lost my mojo!

Now of course if you want results then you can’t just do the fun stuff all the time– the education the Cre8 trainers have mean that we can tell you the most effective exercise and nutrition plan to achieve your goal. But I have also come to realise that unless you enjoy the process (somewhat) and have a bit of fun with it, you could eventually fall by the wayside.

So the sweet spot (where your mojo is) is where fun and effectiveness overlap!

But feasible also requires the capability of putting into action (and hopefully continuing it permanently) and therefore it has to be safe and accessible. No matter how effective a certain exercise program is, it’s only going to work if you have access to the required equipment regularly (and a slightly less effective but more accessible program will produce greater results!)

Likewise no matter how much you enjoy or benefit from particular exercises- if they aren’t safe for you due to injuries, muscle imbalances or general lack of fitness, then they will probably cause more long-term problems than they solve.

Handily the paradigm of Fun, Effective, Accessible and Safe lends itself to a nice acronym of FEAS-ible Exercise…

The sweet spot for long term success lies right in the middle where they all overlap- and over time, as you embrace exercise more and see results, the overlaps will get bigger and bigger until more stuff you enjoy is safe, effective and accessible (more on that in my next e-mail.)

Of course, depending upon your goals and how quickly you would like to achieve them, you may need to step out of the fun zone and spend more time on more effective methods- but just make sure that every session you have some fun as well! (I realise some people may not find exercise fun in any way, so in my next e-mail I’ll share more ways that the process can at least be more enjoyable.)

For example, my current plan is to spend 20-minutes doing the things I don’t necessarily enjoy but are the most effective for my goals- improving my deadlift and bench press and working on my flexibility to squat better…

And then 20-40 minutes on things that are still beneficial but I also enjoy doing such as sprints and sled pushes/drags, running outdoors and just messing around with different exercises and experimenting in the gym.

If you’re struggling to find your fitness mojo, hopefully I’ve shed some light on how you can get it back- I have more to share on this so look out for my next article where I will show you some tips for finding that G-Spot!

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