How To Find Great Sweet 16 Ideas

It’s not everyday that you turn 16 so a lot of girls make a big deal out of Sweet 16 celebrations. Sweet 16 is considered to be a turning point in a girl’s life, a transition point to womanhood so it is indeed an occasion that needs to be a celebration. However, how do you exactly celebrate a Sweet 16 birthday? Are there rules? Is there a ritualistic component to the celebration? This is where Sweet 16 ideas come in.

Will Sweet 16 Ideas Really Help?

A Sweet 16 birthday is a special day in a girl’s life so at the very least all the important people in her life should be there. With regards to rituals, a girl can pretty much decide on whatever she wants to do. There are traditions though like the candle, show, and tiara ceremony that some people incorporate into the program to signify the transition to womanhood. Still, a lot of people do away with traditional ceremonies and just hold the grandest parties they can to celebrate. There are a lot of Sweet 16 ideas out there so you have a lot of options to consider, which is a good thing since there are always never enough options sometimes for a girl. If you’re volunteering as an event planner, you can narrow down the list of 16 birthday party ideas by choosing things like what the celebrant is interested in and might be interested in. You can find these ideas by researching online, borrowing ideas from friends and family, or looking through books or magazines on the subject. Weeding through Sweet 16 ideas though can be trickier if you’re planning a Sweet 16 celebration as a surprise. If this is the case, then the more traditional or simple Sweet 16 ideas will be your best bet.

Some Examples of Sweet 16 Ideas

So how about getting started on some great ideas? One thought is to have a color scheme throughout the celebration, including invitations, decorations, flowers, tablecloth, plates, cups, napkins, plastic utensils, balloons, balloon weights, the cake, party favors, and the girl’s and attendants’ outfits. For example, pink, black and silver, or pink and orange, or black and gold, or even baby blue and white would be great color combinations. Even some of the food and beverages can be part of the color schemes, such as using M&Ms with only the colors of the party, colored sprinkles, non-alcoholic daquiris or margaritas or other beverages, snow cones appropriately colored, etc.

Another idea is to have the number 16 really featured in the event. At some point during the party, 16 of her closest relatives and friends can each bring the birthday celebrant a little gift bag filled with 16 little things and read a verse to her about what those things mean. For example, 16 balloons so she can always reach high in the sky; 16 crayons so she can always be beautiful and colorful; 16 bandaids so she can cover her little wounds throughout life; 16 candles to always light her way, and so on.

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